Police Misconduct/Civil Rights

Police misconduct can be the result of intentional, negligent or reckless conduct that breaches the officer’s duty. Victims of police misconduct may recover their damages from the municipality that employed the officer. Police misconduct cases are often quite complex and require real experience to prove, as the government is a formidable and well-funded opponent. Additionally, police officers enjoy certain legal protections not given to the general public.

McMurray Henriks has a national reputation for their expertise in the area of civil rights in connection with police misconduct. We provide clients with the customized legal advice, personal service and trusted representation they deserve.

Because of the latitude the law allows police in their interactions with the public, it’s often difficult to pursue criminal action against an officer. However, if you feel you’ve been the victim of police abuse, a civil action can result in you being awarded financial compensation for your injuries, whether physical or mental.

We will listen to your experiences and explain your rights. In some cases, we bring civil lawsuits against police force agencies in matters related to:

• Excessive force by police
• Malicious prosecutions
• Illegal search and seizure
• Assaults by police
• Racial profiling

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