Employment Law

Over the past several decades, the workplace in the United States and California has become increasingly regulated. We maintain this focus to give our clients excellent service and deep, knowledgeable advice on employment law issues. We work with all clients to develop a plan of action that will address individual concerns and yield client driven results.

We have extensive experience in dealing with all matters that arise from an employment dispute. We are committed to educating our clients on their legal rights and strategies they can utilize moving forward. We can help with disputes concerning termination, discrimination, harassment, employment contract disputes, covenants not-to-compete and disability actions.

We offer individualized attention to employees who encounter employment law issues in areas including, but not limited to:

• Sexual Harassment
• Age Discrimination
• Race & Sex Discrimination
• Religious & Disability Discrimination
• Sexual Orientation Discrimination
• Retaliation Discrimination
• Family & Medical Leave
• Overtime
• Non Compete Agreements
• Severance Agreements
• Employment Contracts
• Civil Rights

You can be confident with the McMurray Henriks LLP attorneys standing by your side. We approach each case with compassion and humanity, applying a unique combination of experience and skill in pursuit of just outcomes. Call us at 323-931-6200 to schedule a consultation.