Business/Contract Law

We know your business means a lot to you and want to understand all the aspects of your business so we can help you in our best ability. Our mission statement is to represent all business owners and entrepreneurs by navigating them through the rough waters of business litigations and guiding them to success.

Any contracts or any transactions can go awry at any time. We don’t want you or your business to be misconstrued by anyone. Our attorneys make sure that we communicate with you often to make sure we are giving you the legal guidance you need at all times. We make sure we are responsive in a timely-manner with every single one of our clients to help them identify risks and prevent legal battles before they arise. Disputes can escalate and damage the reputation of a business or individual without proper representation and guidance.

When the immediate and long-term health of your business is at stake, it’s extremely important for you to consult with business litigation attorneys who know how to get results. You’ll want committed attorneys who will fight endlessly to protect your business’s future. Our lawyers have a depth of understanding and years of experience as well as a record of outstanding results in every area of business litigation to provide you the services you need, including:

• Breach of Contract
• Shareholder Disputes
• Partnership Disputes
• Breach Of Fiduciary Duty
• Securities Litigation
• Business Fraud
• Director & Officer Liability

You can be confident with the McMurray Henriks LLP attorneys standing by your side. Let us work hard for you regarding your legal dispute. Call us at 323-931-6200 to schedule a consultation.