Police Excessive Force/Shooting

Excessive force is when police misuse their legal power during routine car stops, questioning, or any other law enforcement pursuits. Police shootings have been rampant in our country and many have been completely unwarranted. When law enforcement cross the line of duty and violate an individual’s constitutional rights, they can be subject to civil liability for their actions.

Being the victim of excessive force is often a traumatic experience. Our attorneys know how to pursue justice and accountability for individuals who have been hurt or injured due to police misconduct. We offer the assistance of an attorney who has achieved tremendous results for the victims of police misconduct, obtaining the full compensation they need to recover.

The following is a list of the types of police misconduct cases we handle for our clients:

• Use of excessive force, especially during an arrest
• Beating someone who is being interrogated
• Assault by police officers
• Police shootings

We have successfully represented injured victims from police misconduct, helping them obtain a fair and just verdict or settlement. If you or a loved one has been shot or otherwise brutalized by the police, contact an experienced police misconduct attorney at our firm today to discuss your legal rights.

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