Disability Discrimination

Disability discrimination can be defined as unwelcome offensive conduct related to a person’s disability that violates one’s personal dignity. Under the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (“FEHA”), employers are generally prohibited from discriminating against people with disabilities. This includes being subjected to harassment/hostile work environment, being demoted, terminated and not hired in the first place.

The law strictly prohibit disability discrimination against workers based on any physical or mental ailment they may have or something that is considered a disability. The law also protects employees from improper questioning about medical conditions and requires medical information obtained when investigating an employee’s disability or request for an accommodation to be kept confidential. Qualified employees with disabilities are also entitled to reasonable accommodations of their disabilities.

Reasonable accommodation can include, but is not limited to:

• Changing the job duties/work shift
• Providing leave for medical care
• Accommodating work schedules
• Providing mechanical or electrical aids
• Reassigning to an available vacant position

If you have been denied employment, demoted, discharged or otherwise treated unfairly based on a physical or mental condition, contact us to discuss your legal rights. We have helped numerous disabled individuals both by achieving appropriate accommodation and obtaining substantial compensation for the damage already caused.

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